first time lambing assistant

first time lambing assistant

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Eye infection

We took Fleecy and another sick lamb to the vets today. Fleecy still cannot walk properly on her fore legs but we have been advised to make some splints out of foam pipe insulation to straighten the legs -  there is still hope. I will take some photos of the splints once we have found some pipe insulation.

The other lamb (un-named as it is not bottle fed) has a condition called New Forest Eye. It cried in the truck all the way to the vets for its mum. Its eyelids have a bacterial infection and became full of pus. She had to have an injection into her eyelid and we are to apply cream to its eyes every other day. The condition can be very contagious so we need to act quickly. If left untreated, lambs with this condition can go blind.

We spent today moving ewes and lambs out of the barn, ear tagging them and transporting them into a solar park to graze. We had lovely weather for this - 15 degrees and very sunny.

In the trailer we had one white ewe lamb with a black leg - pretty unusual but still very cute.

When we got to the solar park, we unloaded the stock and drove around the park to check that everything was ok. We had a sighting of a fox, but Archie thinks that the lambs are too large at this stage for a fox to risk snatching as the ewes can be very aggressive. Our collie, Fen, has run into trouble with mothering ewes on quite a few occasions.

I am pleased to report that we did not find any dead lambs in the park.

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