first time lambing assistant

first time lambing assistant

Monday, 18 April 2016

No more lambs

So we have reached the end of lambing! Although all of our ewes have now given birth, I am still having to check on them every day and bottle feed those who do not have mothers (the twins and Fleecy).

Fleecy is doing very well with the newly fitted splints and I am hoping that Fleecy will be able to go into the field with the remaining ewes and lambs once bottle feeding is no longer necessary.

The little black faced lamb in the photo on top of the hay ring has started eating hay and grass. He is technically an orphan but we went around the barn stealing milk from other ewes until he found one which adopted him.

He is currently in a field outside of the house (I can actually see him as I type). He is in there with two ewes and his adopted lamb sibling. The three bottle fed lambs were in there too, but I moved them back into the barn as I was worried that Fleecy might be a "sitting duck" for a fox.

They have a little igloo which they can go in to shelter from the rain as you can see from the photos. This was put in the field for the bottlefed lambs as they are not able to shelter next to a ewe.

I am currently bottle feeding them 4 times a day and they are gaining weight quickly! I won't transfer them into a field however until I am happy with Fleecy's mobility. I do not wish to split them up as they have been together since they were only a few days old and stick together wherever they go.

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