first time lambing assistant

first time lambing assistant

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Blind ewe has regained sight

The ewe suffering from Toxaemia has regained her sight! She gave birth to two lambs and after she had given birth her condition started to improve. Sadly one of the lambs had not fully formed and so it was euthanised swiftly. The other lamb is on the small side but seems to be ok otherwise.

We have two sets of triplets at the moment. Triplets demand a lot of milk which can be hard going for the ewe so I am bottle feeding the triplet lambs to help them to grow.

I absolutely love the formula that we feed to them. It is a powder (Lamlac) which we mix with warm water and it smells like vanilla milkshake.

I am unable to report any improvement with lamb number one who cannot move his hind legs due to paralysis. I will keep up the physio but so far it is not looking good.

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