first time lambing assistant

first time lambing assistant

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Off to the vets

 17 of our ewes have given birth now. I have to apply iodine to each lamb's naval as soon as it is born to help prevent any infections occurring. This is what I am doing in the photo to the left. It might look a bit cruel holding the lamb up by its legs, but this is the safest way of picking them up. Once the lamb has dried off (they are very slippery when they have just been born) their number is sprayed onto their fleece with blue marker spray and their tails (and testicles if it is a ram lamb) are then ringed. This does not hurt the lamb!

I am sad to say that lamb number 1 had to be taken to the vets yesterday. We think his mum stood on him as his back legs are not working and he cannot stand up. It is such a shame as he is a good sized lamb and has been feeding well. He was given a steroid shot and I have been advised to do some physio with him every day to help him to stand. I will keep my fingers crossed that he will pull through.

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